10 Great Gift Ideas for Moms Who Sew

Mother’s day is right around the corner!  If you have a mom who loves sewing, chances are that she passed some of her sewing skills on to you (that’s how I learned how to sew!).  Here are 10 great gift ideas for the sewing mom–or other sewing ladies–in your life.

1.  Fabric

As anyone who sews knows, you can never have enough fabric.  After a while, it seems to multiple in your sewing room.  If you aren’t sure what your mom might like, fat quarter bundles are a great idea.  They’re 18″ x 22″ pieces of fabric and are great for small projects, accents, and quilting.  Quarter Shop has a great selection, but if you need something sooner, checkout Amazon (2-day shipping available).

  1. Color Wheel bundle from Amazon.  Set of 24 fat quarters for $40.01
  2. Charleston bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.  16 for $45.98
  3. Mingle bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.  Set of 10 for $30.98
  4. Hello, Bear Stone bundle from Amazon.  10 for $36.55

2.  Rulers

I know, getting rulers as a gift sounds about as exciting as getting socks.  But rulers are must-have for sewing and quilting.  And if my mom is any indication, you can never have enough!

Get your mom this Omnigrid set of 3 rulers for $18.53.  Comes with 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, and 9.5 inch square rulers.

sewing rulers

Bonus:  get a wooden rack to go with the rulers for $12.09.

sewing ruler stand

3. Gift Certificates

If your mom has a favorite sewing or quilting store in town, consider getting her a gift card.

4.  Sewing-Themed Clutch

Bonus points if your mom loves vintage patterns.  This adorable bag from Modcloth is made from vegan faux leather.  Get it for $24.99.

sewing makeup bag

5.  A Dress Form

Help your mom step up her sewing game with a dress form.  Dress forms (which look like partial mannequins) allow you to pin and fit designs on the dress form, instead of on yourself.  Make sure that you get the correct size for her.  The size shown below is 8, but Only Mannequins carries a range of sizes.  About $150-200.

dress form
Only Mannequins Dress Form (Size 8) $225

6.  Patterns or Classes

If you know your mom’s tastes, why not get her some patterns?  Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Buying Sewing Patterns for some great indie and vintage options, but here are a few of my faves:

You can also check out sites like Craftsy and BurdaStyle, which offer online courses.  Check out your local sewing shop for upcoming classes, too!

7.  Storage and Organization

Most people don’t get too excited by the idea of organizing, but if your mom is a sewing fanatic, chances are she has a lot of sewing supplies!  Help her keep her sewing room tidy so she can work without distractions with these organizers.

sewing storage

  1. Singer Sew Essentials Storage System (166 pieces included).  $16.99
  2. 60 Spool Wood Thread Rack.  $23.99
  3. Bobbin Box.  $7.49
  4. Thread Organizer.  $9.84

8. Little Extras

There sure are a lot of sharp, easy-to-lose things involved in sewing.  Make life a little easier on your mom and give her some options for keeping those things tidy and under control, like a pin cushion, sewing caddy, or pattern weights (so she doesn’t have to use as many pins in the first place!)
sewing extras

  1. Multicolor Flat Flower Head Pins.  200 pack, $9.99
  2. Tutu Sewing Caddy.  Put it on a mason jar to help hold scissors, bobbins, tape, and more.  $16.99
  3. The classic Dritz Tomato pin cushion.  $2.93
  4. Dritz fabric pattern weights.  Use this to hold your pattern down so you don’t have to pin!  4 pack, $11.92

9. Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are the most exciting gift, but they sure are handy!  This Fiskars mat is “self-healing,” meaning that it will last for years to come, and is big enough to be the go-to mat for your mom.  $24.99
cutting mat

10. Pins and Patches

Sometimes, you need a couple pieces of flair to show off your love for sewing.  Get some of these killer pins and patches from Colette Patterns.  Pins:  $10/ea, Patches, $6/ea.  Check out Etsy for patches, too!

pins     patches

Do you plan on getting your mom (or any of the other ladies in your life) sewing gifts?  Do you have ideas to add to this list?  Let me know in the comments!

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