6 Easy Skirt Patterns to Get You Ready for Summer (Plus How to Style Them!)

Skirts can be both easy to make and impressive to wear, making them a great project for beginners.  As your skills grow, you can add fancier features like pleats, lining or pockets (yes!)  So next time when people ask “cute skirt, where’d you get it?” you can answer “I made it!” with the skirt patterns shown below:

Circle Skirt

If you are an absolute beginner, this is a great skirt to start with.  It has no pockets, lining, or extra features.  It’s simple to cut out the fabric, and only has two parts:  a waistband, and the rest of the skirt fabric.  Plus, circle skirts are fun to twirl in!

The Littlest Studio has a great circle skirt sewing pattern:  click here

circle skirt sewing pattern

You will need:  

*The Littlest Studio recommends a stretchy fabric in a medium weight.  This pattern doesn’t have a zipper or buttons, so it has to stretch enough so that it can fit over your hips.  They also recommend fabric wider than 45″.

Styling ideas:


Half-Circle Skirt

If the full-circle isn’t quite your style, check out this half-circle skirt pattern by Creative Homemaking.   This one involves elastic, so it’s a little more challenging than the full-circle option.  It also uses knit tape for the hem.  However, Petro from Creative Homemaking has included a video tutorial to go with the instructions, which I found very helpful.

half skirt sewing pattern

Get the skirt pattern instructions here.

You will need:

Styling Ideas:


Stretch Pencil Skirt

I love pencil skirts for work.  They have a classy, vintage feel to them… and can be easy to make!  This tutorial from Elena Rosa Brown shows how to make a pencil skirt using stretch fabric.  Because we’re relying on the stretchiness of the fabric, we don’t need closures (like zippers, etc.), which makes this a great project for beginners.

Get the pencil skirt pattern and tutorial here.

pencil skirt pattern

You will need:  

Styling ideas:


Gathered Skirt Patterns with Pockets

“I love your skirt!”

“Thanks, it has pockets!”

On top of being a cute skirt in its own right, this skirt pattern also includes pockets.  Sewing a skirt with pockets is of course a little more complicated than omitting pockets, but this might be a good “gateway” skirt for beginners.  Then, you can add pockets to everything!  You can follow the steps on this post to add pockets to the previous skirts too.

This would be a great skirt for those breezy summer days.  Get the skirt pattern here from Life Sew Savory.

skirt pattern with pockets

You will need:

Bored and Crafty has a very similar skirt pattern here.  She gathers the fabric slightly differently.  Check out both patterns and figure out which one works best for you.

gathered skirt pattern

Styling ideas:


Full Circle Skirt (this time with tulle!)

If you’ve got one skirt under your belt (ha!), then you can dial up the fanciness with this tulle tutorial.

This skirt is a little bit more challenging because tulle can be difficult to work with.  It also has many, many layers.  It’s best to try this if you’ve already made a skirt (or something similar) before.  That being said, while it isn’t an absolute-beginner pattern, it can work for beginners.  And it looks so fancy!

Get the skirt pattern from A Beautiful Mess.

full circle skirt pattern with tulle

You will need:

  • Tulle (measurements shown on post.  The author used 14 yards)
  • Lining that matches tulle (measurements shown on post)
  • Craft paper for pattern (or use the pattern from the first skirt in this list)
  • Elastic for waistband (1″-1.5″ thick)
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Marking chalk
  • Measuring tape

Styling ideas:


Gathered Skirt (this time with zippers!)

Last but not least, a skirt with a zip closure!  This skirt tutorial is a bit of a “choose your own adventure,” as you can make it as a mini, midi or maxi skirt.

The other skirts shown in this tutorial have all used elastic or the stretchiness of the fabric for the skirt to be put on and taken off.  By adding a zipper, you can change the fit of your dress, and/or use different fabrics with less stretch, like tartan cotton or velvet.  For beginners who haven’t sewn in an invisible zipper before:  don’t fret, By Hand London includes a link to a tutorial in their blog post.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the pocket tutorial to add pockets to this skirt (or any of the other skirt patterns).

Get the instructions and skirt pattern here, from By Hand London.

gathered skirt pattern with zipper

You will need:

  • Fabric (measurements shown in the blog post, and varies depending on whether you want mini, midi or maxi)
  • An invisible zipper
  • Hook and eye or snaps to fasten
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron

Styling ideas:


Note:  You can add pockets to the skirt patterns on this list, or any other dress or skirt pattern.  Radiant Home Studio has put together a lovely post on how to add different types of pockets to clothing.  Learn how here.  

What skirt patterns will you be making?  How do you like to style your circle, gathered and pencil skirts?

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